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Dan Nausley
Lisa Nausley
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Does your OOH team struggle with…?

Not getting enough quality referrals?

What to say to get annual deals closed?

Getting prospects to act before avails change

Holding salespeople accountable?

Winging it; no proven, repeatable sales process?

Average rate per face not pacing with increasing expenses?

Getting clients to invest in fresh messaging and/or vinyls?

Renewal conversations and avoid ongoing client dialogue?

Reaching or maintaining occupancy rates at 90%+?

Not sure how to coach people out of a sales slump?
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“10 to 1 ROI Net Profit!”

DDI has 10 account executives that range in tenure from a little over 1 year to almost 30 years and each generate from about $1.2 up to $4 million annually.

Although we have had a successful track record of overachieving our budget on an annual basis, our management team determined, if we had a consistent program and strategy that all of our sales reps used on a consistent basis, we could even do better.

We engaged this Sandler Team in our business, a little over a year ago. Many of you know that Sandler is one of the largest sales training programs in the country, and our speakers today are highly committed to the outdoor industry and to IBO.

If I told you that for every dollar that we invested with Sandler, we received over 10 dollars in revenue you would probably be impressed, but if I took that a step further, and said for every dollar we invested with the Nausley’s we received over 10 dollars in net profit, you would most likely want to engage sandler in your business as well!

The highest compliment that I can give to Dan and Lisa Nausley, other than the fact that they have become good friends, is that because of the impact they have had on our business they are now a part, a critical part of my sales team.
Patrick McLaughlin
Senior Vice President & General Manager of DDI Media St. Louis
'Crash an Outdoor Sales Mastery Class' on a  Billboard

Crash an Outdoor Sales Mastery Class!

Experience the training that scores of OOH professionals participate in from all over the country, honing their selling skills!
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Hear from our happy clients!

Pat O'Donnell - Headshot

"3 Record breaking Years
in a Row!"

Pat O’Donnell
President of YESCO Outdoor Media
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MaryJane Shackelford - Headshot

"Every Month Seems to Set a New Volume Record!"

MaryJane Shackelford
President of Barnes Advertising Corporation
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Warren Stancil - Headshot

"Occupancy Rate in Now 98% and Holding!"

Warren Stancil
President of Interstate Outdoor
Full Review Here
I really like that the program gives me sales techniques that can be utilized on a daily basis. I’ve been in sales 30 years and I can use these methods to strengthen my sales technique and my closing skills. Love talking with other outdoor sales executives about what they are doing/experiencing/how they are applying the curriculum.
The Outdoor Sales Mastery program is a very helpful tool for me to fine-tune my OOH selling skills as they specifically relate to my job...a great perk of the program! I like how each week is a different topic with breakout rooms to engage in small groups. It makes it engaging and meaningful to be able to share similar challenges, brainstorm ideas, and celebrate successes!
The most successful professional athletes have coaches that continue to develop and train them...so too should professional salespeople! That’s what the weekly OOH Sales Mastery sessions do for our industry. Every week I am challenged to grow professionally and I leave the session inspired and motivated!
I’m excited to share I have yet again had great success with the techniques taught in our OOH Sales Mastery sessions. After the prospect went ‘radio silent’ for 3 weeks I was able to reconnect utilizing the ‘not ok’ strategy we’ve learned and it turned into a 3board buy!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!
Pete Schroeder - Headshot

"Up $25k/Mo. consistently!"

Before I met you guys, we were fat and happy, rolling right along. The last thing we needed in my mind was sales help.

What I began to realize as we talked was we weren’t nearly as fat and happy as I thought - at 88% occupancy, we were doing great, but we were also leaving a lot on the table that could make us even more successful.

I’ve been blessed with long-time staff and salespeople - but I also know they’re just tired of listening to me, what I had to say didn’t have as much impact after a period.

Since we have engaged with the Outdoor Sales Mastery Class, our occupancy was driven up to the mid 90’s very quickly, and it’s caused our monthly billing to be up $25K per month consistently, month in and month out.

I think an awful lot of the continued impact has been the relationship and the trust that has been developed with the team. They know you understand our business, and you’re always willing to help any time they reach out.

It’s not just sales we have benefited from...it’s how you have engaged us as leaders, as executives. You’ve helped me personally from a management perspective and certainly made me a better coach to my people.
Pete Schroeder
President of View Outdoor
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Chris Cowlbeck - Headshot

"Super impressed, exceptional value!"

We’ve all encountered a lot of what I call sales training “hucksters”. The “pushers” of all things sales and there are oodles of those types out there. A lot of us have built up a defense against it. But your firm came so highly and so strongly recommended that I thought it was worth taking a look at.

In my role as GM of IBOUSA I want to bring in available resources to improve the well-being of our operators. We’d tried several different folks in the past with very mixed or just flat feedback. When we brought in the Outdoor Sales Mastery Class, I was super impressed with the professionalism - not only the content but the vim & vigor of the presentation.

The feedback from our operators and associates has been very, very positive. I know that has caused several of them to engage with you to work with their salespeople and with them to become better leaders.

For me, one of the most impactful takeaways is the tool you use to identify all members of the team’s behavioral and communication style preferences. It’s helped us tremendously to understand how to better interact and communicate effectively with each other. We use that all the time, and I love it! It has been exceptionally valuable to me.

I’ve really appreciated the intensity, concern, and care you have for our members. It’s my job to pull in different educational and training services for IBOUSA, and the Outdoor Sales Mastery Class has been at the top of that list. I’d give you a 10 out of 10 for performance, participation, and support of the group...AND people are making money because of it! I know because I am often told by our members who use your firm.
Chris Cowlbeck
The ongoing training keeps the effective selling system fresh in my mind. Love how my industry peers can come together regularly from all over the country and learn with and from each other in a judgment-free zone. Every week I use a skill, resource, etc that was brought up during the session just a few days earlier!
The value of continuous training is priceless. It’s like having a weekly devotional/motivation topic to kick off my week! Maintaining a healthy strategy comes with consistent practice and coaching. I love this program as it keeps me focused on my behaviors and my goals.
Dave Roland - Headshot


Dave Roland
President of Roland Advertising
Full Review Here
Just like we say in advertising, repetition promotes recall. I’ve come to realize that mindset change does not happen overnight. Just like a “pro team” drill, drill, drill; until it becomes second nature. Love that we have a special weekly session for just our industry, I'm getting great info from you AND different perspectives from peers across the country.
Love that we have a concentration each week we can hone in on that skill further with breakout rooms and skill practice hearing other outdoor reps' way of using said skill. I always come out of our role play skill practices with a better way to say something or learning what is working for them.
The benefit of hearing how others in the same industry are applying the Outdoor Sales Mastery program in their daily lives is huge. We all face the same challenges, being able to bounce ideas off each other and hear feedback benefits us all. The delivery of the program is great in that you really feel like you are in the same room with each other. I forget at times that we are spread out all over the country!
Brad Mizer - Headshot


Brad Mizer
President of East West Media
Full Review Here
Claude Dicks - Headshot

"3 of the last 5 months set sales records!"

Claude Dicks
President of Allison Outdoor
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Mark Gamble - Headshot

"Net Income is 150%
Year Over Year"

Mark Gamble
Vice President of Transformation Media
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