February 2, 2024
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Coaching Your Team to Success in the New Year

As the new year unfolds, OOH sales organizations often find themselves at the crossroads of change, facing new challenges, new opportunities. Embracing these changes, salespeople must adapt and evolve, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and success. In the face of change, many OOH sales professionals tend to resist, opting to remain within the confines of their comfort zones. An effective sales coach plays a crucial role in breaking through these barriers, guiding salespeople to reach their full potential and achieve greater success.

Why is this so important? We must recognize that comfort can be the nemesis of performance. Salespeople often gravitate towards familiar behaviors and activities, avoiding discomfort even if it means sacrificing higher performance. However, true growth and elevated performance reside on the other side of comfort. As poet Robert Browning noted, "Man's reach should exceed his grasp," urging individuals to stretch their beliefs and behaviors to succeed.

Resistance to change is a common trait among salespeople, often persisting until a significant event prompts a shift in perspective. An effective coach understands the mantra that "salespeople change only when the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain involved in the change." However, even when the readiness for change is present, change is a gradual process, not an immediate shift.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross pioneered the five stages of grief model to help individuals deal with personal trauma and bereavement. These five stages—denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance—are typically experienced by those individuals dealing with death, dying, or catastrophic loss. The coaching model which we recommend and consistently utilize in our coaching process involves four stages: denial, resistance, exploration, and commitment. The key to helping salespeople move through these four stages involves understanding specifically where the salesperson is right now in terms of the four stages and then helping them move through each stage to gain the momentum required to make the necessary changes. Traditional coaching approaches may falter when expecting salespeople to willingly explore and modify their behavior and beliefs from the outset. Acknowledging that many salespeople initially deny and resist change, your coaching model needs to accommodate this reality, addressing complacency and pushing towards growth.

Salespeople fall into behavior-belief models categorizing them as high, variable, or low performers. Their position is shaped by behavioral choices and internal beliefs. Just as poor choices lead to low performance, positive choices and small, achievable goals propel salespeople towards higher performance.
Embracing change becomes a pivotal factor in an OOH salesperson's success. The journey through denial, resistance, exploration, and commitment isn't just about adapting to new strategies; it's a transformative experience reshaping beliefs, behaviors, and, ultimately, performance. As salespeople and sales leaders navigate these stages of transition, they unlock the potential for remarkable growth and success, affirming that the ability to change is not just a skill but a crucial element of sustained excellence in the ever-evolving world of OOH sales.

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