January 22, 2024
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If You Are Telling, You Are Not Selling

Over the years I have posed a pivotal question literally thousands of times to OOH professionals: Is selling merely about telling? Unfortunately, more than you might guess responded that they believed that it was.

Often, when people find themselves in a selling situation, they believe they should educate the prospect about OOH advertising, about how we do what we do and why we do it. What we do that sets our medium apart from all others.

Often, when people find themselves in a selling situation, there's a prevailing misconception that prospects need an exhaustive education on OOH advertising—insights into how we operate, our methodologies, and what distinguishes our medium. However, this approach misses the mark.

Telling can be mundane. The reality is, prospective advertisers often find themselves uninterested in a lengthy discourse about your company, the intricacies of outdoor advertising, and what makes it unique. Here's a nugget of wisdom: everyone's favorite subject is themselves. Every minute you spend focusing solely on your offerings is a minute driving your prospect away.

The truth is, it's not captivating. Even if someone could potentially get excited, they'll lose interest if the conversation becomes one-sided.

Speaking excessively during a sales call can yield undesirable effects:
1. Boredom: If what you're saying isn't directly relevant to a prospect's problems or interests, they'll disengage.
2. Turn-off: Unintentionally, your dialogue might diminish the prospect's interest in OOH advertising. What you perceive as a feature might be perceived as a drawback by them.
3. Paralysis: Overloading prospects with information can leave them indecisive.

As a guiding principle, prospects should be driving 70% of the conversation.

This means our role is to listen intently—70% of the time. The 30% we contribute should be focused on posing thoughtful questions.
Excessive talking can be interpreted as either arrogance, ignorance, or a combination of both.
True selling involves active listening and tailoring our pitch to address the specific concerns of potential advertisers. It's about informing rather than overwhelming with information.

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