November 12, 2023
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Is Your Child A Better Salesperson Than You?

If you have children, especially pre-teens and younger ones, you're in for a master class in salesmanship. Almost every day, they're attempting to "sell" you on something – whether it's a request for a special treat, a new toy, or a change in their chores. Surprisingly, there's a lot we can learn from their persuasive techniques when it comes to OOH selling and real estate development.

So, what can your child's "closing" ratio teach you about your own selling skills? It's likely to be higher than you think. You might be inclined to disagree, thinking, "I don't give in to their every request." But let's take a closer look. When kids want something, they employ several strategies – different angles, justifications, and approaches, especially when they know you're not easily convinced. They initiate plan A, and if it doesn't work, they seamlessly move on to plan B, C, and so on until they get what they want. From your perspective, you may have turned them down four times out of five, but from their perspective, they've successfully "closed" the deal in multiple ways.

So, why are children such effective salespeople? Here are some valuable lessons we can take from them:
1. Fearless in the Face of Rejection: Children expect rejection and understand that it's part of the process. They persist, trying different approaches until they achieve success. In the world of OOH sales or real estate development, this resilience is a quality we should embrace, rather than giving up when things don't go our way.
2. Creativity: Children's multi-plan approach encourages us to view requests from various angles. They believe that one of these perspectives will justify their request. This is a lesson in embracing different viewpoints and understanding that people see things differently. As adults, we sometimes label this strategy as "manipulative," but it's essentially about adapting to various perspectives.

3. Curiosity: Children aren't afraid to ask questions, especially the "Where?," "Why?," "When?," and "How?" When we turn down one of their requests, they respond with follow-up questions to better understand our decision. As professionals, it's crucial to remain curious and ensure we have a complete understanding of our prospects' thoughts and feelings. After all, you can't fix a problem you don't know about, and you can't address an objection you haven't heard.

In conclusion, pay closer attention to your child's persuasive tactics – you might discover some valuable sales lessons. You'll not only gain insights into their creativity, determination, and conviction but also realize that these qualities are equally important for a successful career in OOH sales. Wouldn’t you agree?

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