August 7, 2023
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Reframing OOH Sales: True Success Is Not As You Perceive

Think you can get by on your winnings mile and your outgoing personality to pave your road to OOH sales success?  There's a widespread notion suggesting that if you're amicable, enjoy socializing, and have a pleasing personality, you were made to be in sales!

Common belief tends to exclude introverts and glorify extroverts. If you're sociable, you might feel you're already halfway to achieving success in OOH sales. However, the reality is that being a "people person" doesn't necessarily equate to being a skilled salesperson. In many instances, this attribute could even be detrimental. 

Interestingly, the outgoing, affable people that we presume would be well suited for sales often struggle to perform the challenging tasks associated with the role.It is not unusual for this type of salesperson to have difficulty establishing a ‘peer to peer business conversation’ based on mutual respect with their clients or prospects.  Usually because they are so caught up in wanting the prospect or client to like them!  Can you push back when your customer wants torun creative that you know will not be effective?  Wants to try outdoor for a month to see if it works for me?    

At times, an effective salesperson must demonstrate toughness, even at the risk of seeming unlikable. Therefore,don't simply equate sociability with success. A proficient consultative OOH salesperson will probe, pose difficult queries to uncover their clients' business issues. They do this to offer the best possible solution, helping clients overcome significant challenges or capitalize on significant opportunities. Are you ready to undertake such responsibilities, or are you too preoccupied with the desire to be universally liked?

Here are some traits commonly observed in successful OOH salespeople. Reflect upon these and self-evaluate your competency in these key areas crucial for sales success:

• High Ambition/Drive

• Takes Action

• Adaptable

• Resilient

• Low Need for Approval

• Resistant to Stalls and Objections

• Accepts Responsibility for Failures.


Remember, don't aim to be a people person. Aim to be an effective salesperson. If you identify as a 'peopleperson', use that as a starting point. The real challenge lies in cultivating the many other traits that make a proficient salesperson.


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Lisa & Dan Nausley of Sandler, Chattanooga have developed the OOH Sales Mastery Program after more than a decade of training/coaching scores of OOH Operators across the country in sales, leadership, and executive coaching.

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