October 20, 2023
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Unlocking Motivation: Understanding and Energizing Your Team

Have you ever taken a moment to decode what truly motivates each member of your OOH team no matter their role?

Is it financial gain, the allure of status, or the thrill of achieving awards and goals? Motivation is a complex force, but it can be categorized into three overarching themes:
1. Relationship Individuals driven by relationships thrive on personal connections and interactions. They have a strong desire to be liked and held in high regard by their peers.
2. Status Status-oriented individuals are fueled by effectiveness, influence, and the desire to make a substantial impact. Recognition and prestige are their driving forces.
3. Achievement Achievement-minded individuals desire a sense of accomplishment. They set their sights on realistic yet challenging goals and have a deep need for feedback to gauge their progress.

So, have you identified which category each of your team members falls into? Are you providing them with opportunities that align with their motivational needs? Understanding what drives them allows you to channel their energy towards both personal and company objectives.
For those who thrive on relationships, they often make excellent team players. When assigning tasks or projects, consider allowing them to collaborate with a partner or team members. Involving them in committees and focus groups can also be highly motivating.

Status-driven individuals, on the other hand, have a strong inclination to lead and express their ideas. Elevating their personal status and influence is paramount to them. These individuals excel as project team leaders, so provide them with opportunities to organize, direct, and report on projects.

Achievement-driven team members are constantly seeking improvement and innovative ways to enhance performance. Encourage them to share their insights and ideas on how to optimize processes. They can be valuable sounding boards when exploring performance enhancements.

But it's not just about understanding what motivates your team; it's also important to consider what might demotivate them. Start with a self-assessment. Do you take the time to acknowledge your team's accomplishments, no matter how small? Or do you only engage when things go as planned? Building supportive relationships through active listening, coaching, and guidance is crucial.

Additionally, ensure that your team has the necessary tools, such as training, technology, and information, to foster their personal and professional growth. Your attitude as a leader also plays a significant role in motivating your team. Are you typically positive and optimistic, or do you lean towards negativity and pessimism? Remember, your presence can either elevate or dampen the room's mood.

In conclusion, understanding and nurturing your team's motivations is an essential aspect of effective leadership. By aligning their motivations with opportunities and offering support, you can create a motivated and engaged team that drives both personal and organizational success.
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