November 3, 2023
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Why Company Goals Are Meaningless

It's that time of year again when we start focusing on what needs to be achieved in 2024 – your company's goals for the next year. Motivating your team to hit these targets can be a real challenge. Ever wondered why? Well, most of us have experience with kids. When you want a child to learn to play a musical instrument because you love it and want them to succeed, you push them to practice and improve. However, if they lack the passion, confidence, and conviction to pursue it, they often end up not doing it. You invest a lot of time and energy in having them live through your eyes, and the same applies to company goals.

When you tell your team member that the company's goal is for them to earn $100,000 (or any other target), you'd expect them to get motivated and excited, and they might initially. But what's happening behind the scenes is something different. They are thinking, "What could I do if I made $100,000? Should I save for retirement, provide a debt-free college education for my kids, buy a new car, or a new home?"

People tend to translate their earnings into what it means for them personally. Here's the key: You need to do that FOR THEM because people work harder for themselves than they do for you. The sooner you realize this, the more effectively you can engage your team.

Start by understanding what drives each of your team members. Make a list of your people and next to their names, jot down their top three personal goals. What motivates them? Why are they working? Why would they stay late on a Friday afternoon when the weather is perfect and no one else is in the office? It's probably not because they want to hit your company goal.

You can help them make the connection. Sit them down and say, "Michael, out of curiosity, I want to know, what are your top three goals? If you hit your target this year and make $100,000, what would you do with it?" By doing this, you bring their personal goals to the forefront. "I'd buy a new car," they might say. "What type of car?" you inquire. "An Audi," they respond. "Great, what else?" "I'd put my kids through college," they share. "Where do they want to go?" you ask. "They want to attend XYZ University."

Now, several things are happening. First, you gain a deeper understanding of what drives your team. The company's objectives represent the "what," and their personal aspirations are the "why." Once you bridge that gap, for those who don't naturally connect the $100,000 earnings goal to their personal dreams, you help them do just that.

Imagine taking this a step further. For each team member, you create visual reminders of their personal goals – a picture of that Audi, an image of their child aiming for a college degree without debt, and a snapshot of the dream vacation destination. Place these visuals all over their workspace. When discussing your goals, shift the focus from the $100,000 to college, a car, retirement, and that dream vacation. Why? Because this is what motivates each individual. When they're motivated, they'll exceed their numbers. Why? Because they want to achieve these dreams for their family and themselves. This is when they push beyond their comfort zones and surpass your company's quota.

In essence, the more you understand what drives each team member, the more successful you'll be. So, get to know what makes them tick, and you'll unlock the full potential of your team members. Good luck.

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